It's Still Ok!


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released February 22, 2011



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THE PACK город Москва, Russian Federation

Wolf - vox
Gym - drums
Facecontrol - guitars
Bull - bass

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Track Name: Existence

You’re passing through the toothless mouth of
Society which you’ve prayed
Urine splashing in your brains
From birth were locked in chains

Life without pretending
No faith, no hope!
The path is true,
Shitheads like you were a lot!

Closer and closer to the grave
Apathy is a perfect state
Born to fill the space with bodies
Born to became food for worms

Slender series still going forward
At the end of the tunnel there isn't see the light
Meaningless existence this is all about
Hope only for worst, there is no way out
Track Name: Rotten Inside
Rotten Inside

Taking the worst
of that you’re can take
You’re kind of crap
that I see every day

Trying to ruin
what we've create
Changing the shell
but inside you’re still the same

Just need to hide
That you’re rotten inside
Rotten Inside!

Playing this games
but don’t know the rules
Get the fuck out
don’t act like a fool!
Track Name: It’s Still Ok
It’s Still Ok

You’d imagined enemies,
You've firmly stuck in this
there is a crack and I don’t try to jump
but you still bark on the other side

Take it for granted or step aside
This is simple part of our lives
If you don't agree than go away
Cause I still fuck that you say!

You knock my brains out!
Stop it right now!
Shut your dirty mouth!
Get the fuck out!

No matter what you think
It’s still OK not to drink!
Track Name: Best of Me
Best of Me

Your addiction it’s your pride
Stupidity that you cannot hide
Want to learn from own mistakes
Driven only by the hate

I’m not imaging what you’re trying to see
but I'm trying to be the best of me

Thinking that is competition
Searching for the best and worst
Shout fucking empty curses
You know nothing bout this two words

Whenever you are near – you are step on my neck
But now time has come – return it to you back!
Have no idea what you’re trying’ to see
But every fuckin’ day I’m trying to be the best of me!
Track Name: False Start
False Start

You've standed tall, spited upon all
Inflated bubble was ready to burst
You've made a sharp start, stumbled on track
Weight’ve fell down, you’re turned back

False start!
Marked hands made you so proud!
False start!
Fake edge forced to get out!
False start!